LinkedIn Learning Mastermind

LinkedIn Learning Mastermind

Connecting Confidently With Your Ideal Clients On LinkedIn

If you are a B2B or B2C business owner or consultant, and you KNOW your clients are on LinkedIn but you’re not confident in using the platform, then this Learning Mastermind is for you.

There are no silly questions but there are lots of LinkedIn tools and industry specific features to understand and layer onto your current activity.


Group of leaders around a table


  • Monthly Virtual trainings
  • Content Planning Workshops
  • Private active community group
  • Accountability and Check-ins

Creating strategic connections and engaging with ideal clients can take time, that’s why having a regular learning mastermind to build your knowledge and keep you accountable is really important for building your LinkedIn presence and having the confidence to attract your ideal clients.

With our LinkedIn Learning Mastermind I work hard to create a supportive and informal learning environment that’s open to lots of questions and sharing of ideas. It’s even a great place to network and share recommendations! My goal is for you to be building strong business connections and being referred to others by your peers.

Come join our supportive learning mastermind for training, latest updates and growth accountability.

Maximising Your Learning Mastermind:

You’ll want to set aside 10-15 minutes each work day to be active on your LinkedIn account and check in on our private Learning group. Making LinkedIn activity a habit and not a chore will really pay off.


B2B or B2C Small business owners or consultants looking to provide great service to their clients. If you are a friendly and motivated Service provider would love you to join! 

If you’d prefer one on one personalised LinkedIn coaching, check the details below.

LinkedIn Learning Mastermind

Stop scrolling on LinkedIn and connect with your ideal clients week after week with a group of likeminded people. Book a call to find out more.

6 months LinkedIn Learning Mastermind

 $375 + Gst/month for 6 months 
 Automatic payment options available
If you're looking to use Linked In and want to really understand how to get the most from it, Nicki is your person.

What I love most about her training style is she doesn't drown you with irrelevant information, but takes the time to understand exactly what her clients need and meets clients where they are at in terms of technical ability to ensure they can confidently navigate LinkedIn.

Whether you are a newbie to Linked In or you've been dabbling in it and realise it has potential that you're not using - Nicki is the person for you!

Learning Group FAQs

B2B Service providers who are looking to leverage LinkedIn in 2023 to connect with their ideal clients but want a bit of extra support and community to learn along the way.    

These smart business owners who want to maximise their marketing time and avoid shiny new objects.

Let’s get 2023 off to a great start!  Behind the scenes we will get set up and ready to go for our first group in February.  We will meet monthly with plenty of communication and resources provided in between to keep you on track!

Can I say it’s both? 

It’s a learning group with lots of extra content and resources. We will meet in virtually for training, Q and As and sharing tips.  You’ll also have access to a training platform which has DIY course content, resources and video tutorials. 

AND, we have a community group to ask questions in between (like a Facebook group, but not on Facebook itself).


Everything is optional, but obviously the more you get involved and learn, the more you will hopefully get out, and the more your business clientele will grow!  

Our monthly group is 60 minutes long, there’s additional courses you can look at in your own time, and then there’s the time you commit to your activity on LinkedIn.

Did I mention that we have a wonderful community who you may be able to connect with, refer contacts to and add value to on LinkedIn?

Great! If you’d like to ask more questions, just get in touch!

Sign up and pay the deposit before January 1st 2023, then as a huge thanks, I’d to provide a 45 minute LinkedIn Personal Training session anytime between now and July 2023! 

You’ll also be able to help select a suitable monthly meeting time (we’ll do our best to make it work for everyone).

You can also get early access to the resources and training content.

Just email me or message on LinkedIn and we’ll get you onboard!

It’s $275 plus gst per month for the 6 month period.

There are several ways to make that work including an automatic payment. 

If you are eligible, this training is available through the Regional Business Partner Network programme. You can discuss this with your local Growth advisor, ask me for details. 

Personalised LinkedIn Training

Stop the scroll and learn how to confidently connect
with your ideal clients and create quality client leads.
One on One training will take your LinkedIn experience to the next level.