Building Confidence on LinkedIn

Connecting Confidently With Your Ideal Clients

Personal LinkedIn Training for B2B and B2C Service Providers

Step by step personal coaching for B2B and B2C service providers. Optimising your brand position and maximising your engagement so you are confidently connecting with your ideal clients and are easily referable to others.

  • Create a Client Focussed LinkedIn Profile
  • Build a Strategic Network
  • Maximise Engagement Opportunities
  • Establish your credibility as an Industry expert

6 x 60 minute personal coaching sessions, with on demand tutorial support package.

Each session concludes with quick Q and As as well as goal setting to keep your LinkedIn presence confidently growing.

Client Focussed Profile

  • Define your personal and professional brand voice and style that showcases your expertise and reflects your personality on LinkedIn.
  • Clarifying your signature service packages.
  • Identify your ideal clients and their community, discover where they are located on LinkedIn.
  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile so it provides easy access for your potential clients to connect with you.

Custom preparation worksheets | 2 x 60 minute training | Worksheets with on demand tutorial support package.

Building Strategic Connections

  • Referencing your previous worksheet prep, create strategic connections with your ideal clients and their extended community
  • Develop a plan for growing your strategic network of ideal clients and their own preferred connections.
  • Learn the tricks of maximising your direct messaging to build even stronger connections and possible sales discussions.

60 minute training | Worksheets with on demand tutorial support package.

Maximising Engagement

  • Creating a sustainable plan for sharing, commenting and engaging with your network and their community. Building rapport. Learning some time saving tips.
  • Generating leads and using connection little-known features to converse with clients.

60 minute training | Worksheets with on demand tutorial support package.

Establishing Industry Expertise

  • Develop an expert, value-driven regular content plan to guide you as you connect with your ideal clients
  • Create a content plan that repurposes your current content and gives you a framework for consistent posting for sharing with your growing network.

2 x 60 minute training| Worksheets with on demand tutorial support package.

Final session includes Content planning with customised Content planning tool to set you up for success in sharing your Industry Expertise.

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Personal LinkedIn Training

Building Confidence and Clarity connecting with your Ideal Clients
$ 1450 plus GST
  • Or 3 montly payments of $485 plus GST
"Nicki's training is comprehensive, and encompasses so much about how to show up on and use LinkedIn effectively, and the results have been amazing."